High Temperature Process Engineering
Lab / Pilot Thermal Processing Equipment Design and Manufacture

Process Research & Development

Industrial process equipment engineering design.
Experience with high temperature vacuum or controlled atmosphere processes.
Chemical engineering process systems.
Skill set: chemical, vacuum, mechanical, electrical, electronic, programming,
and manufacturing / research business analysis.
Company is 23 years old, 1 - 3 employees depending on workload.

Special Areas of Experience:

Electron beam melting;
Carbothermic reduction of Silica to Silicon Carbide and solar grade Silicon;
Sapphire melting and crystallization, (Kyropoulos crystals);
De-bind / sintering furnaces;
Water cooling systems and electrical power analysis.
Power supplies, 6 kW - 300 kW, High voltage to 30 kV DC,
low voltage/high current, line to medium frequency 60 Hz - 20 kHz, SPS.

Complete Process Equipment manufacturing.

Power Supplies manufacturing.

Process controls.

Very High Temperature Process Engineering

Electron Beam Melting.
Field Engineering Support with hands on experience for the following
manufactures of high temperature process equipment:

Solution Research Company; Leybold / ALD Vacuum;
Von-Ardenne Vacuum; Eratron; Retech; Thermal Technology.

Sapphire Crystallization.


          219 Commercial Street
          Vallejo, CA  94589
          Scott Cooke (707) 647-2488                      E-mail: scooke
          USA                                                                         @solutionresearch.com

Last updated: 06/21/14